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Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening

The awakening of nature, the radiance of joy-bringing sunshine, the appearance of the first sprouts are like a salvation, everyone is waiting for.

Women's day pampering
Women's day pampering

The expertise of our colleagues guarantees the smallest details of your personal care and convenience.

Gift to my partner (2 nights)
Gift to my partner (2 nights)

Where should we go?

Come with your partner to Hotel Caramell**** and spend here some confidental days!


On the way of stars (2 nights)
On the way of stars (2 nights)

Come and experience the slogen of the hotels: you can relax anywhere,  with us you will be reborn.

Our offer includes:
1 x Ayurveda massage (50 min)
1 x Holistic Pulsing (50 min){reservationlink}{giftslink}

Premium Caramell Beauty Days 2015.
Premium Caramell Beauty Days 2015.

During the long, cold winter days, we have to nurture our skin. The numerous wellness- or beauty rituals,

Weekday pampering
Weekday pampering

Take a rest when everybody work

Our offer includes:
1 fonding back massage (25 minutes)
1 aroma bath (25 minutes){reservationlink}{giftslink}

"Karamella" Gourmet Days 2015

There are some, who just need some sweet relaxation, while others are looking for the joy of bathing and sporting.


We had nothing like this before! Herewith we announce that our special birthday program was born! In our Hotel Caramell**** - which is the 1st holistic hotel in Hungary - during the entire year 2013{reservationlink}{giftslink}


February – Everyday wonders

It is always good to touch our body- and soulmate, it is good to listen to her or him, to remember a shared moment. Our love deserves the pampering, the feeling of belonging.

JANUARY – energetic start for the year, renewed vitality

During winter our immune system needs even more caring. Our bodies are grateful for the kind treatment, it is easier to avoid the disaseases and their unpleasant symptoms.

Voucher Relaxation is the best gift.
Surprise your family or friends with a wellness weekend or a longer holiday. You may ask for any of our package offer as a voucher.
Frequent Guest Program
Frequent Guest Program Be our frequent guest!
We are happy to inform you that Hotel Caramell has started his frequent guest program.

Bükfürdő Rallye 2014.

Május első hétvégéjén újra versenyautók, profi pilóták és szurkolók hada lepték el Bükfürdőt.rallye
Péntektől szombatig Bükfürdő ad otthont az országos rallybajnokság 2. fordulójának.

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